Donsgheng Company Uphold the integrity and pragmatic, with sincere enthusiasm to impress customers, with pragmatic and to return to the community, sincerely intended to use the production, development and sale of non-woven packaging materials and medical materials, walk hand in hand to build a green future.

Contact Customer Care is a bridge. In its mission to provide quality services. Has a professional customer service team to answer all marketing problems, worry-free purchases Shenghui Huang Jin is the best guarantee to provide customers with non-woven fabric.

Manufactured from a raw material production, equipment sales of finished products, do research and development, production and sales of integrated supply chain, has extensive experience in R & D, high-end R & D team and advanced quality inspection equipment. Careful research, stringent testing, to provide customers with high quality products is our motivation.

Donsgheng Company Would like the most value for money of the sales price and customers work together to seek common development for a better future, we would like to become a leader in the supply of live table, cast into customers trusted gold seller.


Dongsheng Company LTD

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For European market:

Trading Office Dongsheng Polska LTD

ul. Broniewskiego 3 (3 piętro 3.1)

01-785 Warsaw, Poland